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18 July 2008

False Home Break Ins on the Rise

As economic conditions worsen in South Africa, many desperate citizens are trying to make easy money by making false claims to their insurance companies. However, these same companies are very much aware of the issue, with many of them working directly with the police to try and curb the rise in false insurance claims.

False insurance claims on the rise
False insurance claims on the rise
The SA Insurance Association has seen a definite rise in the number of fraudulent claims.

The latest 'trend' is for South Africans to fake home break ins and claim that robbers grabbed valuables and electronic devices worth thousands. And while analysts say that these types of false claims had always been around in the industry, the numbers had definitely increased.

"It is very clear when a house has not been broken into, as the owner claims," said Marius Heystek from AM Heystek and Associates, a company that specializes in insurance fraud.

Heystek said that reports of genuine break ins also lead to inflated claims. So, for example, in a home that was broken into and had a television worth R20,000 stolen, the owners would take advantage of the situation and try to claim back for other electronic goods - inflating the claim to as much as R180,000.

While no official statistics exist for the actual rise in insurance fraud figures, the SA Insurance Association definitely saw an increase in numbers, according to its stakeholder relationship manager, Vivien Pearson. "When we have difficult economic environments, there is the tendency for these things to increase," she noted.

There have been some areas where close cooperation with the police force and insurance companies have led to a significant drop in the number of false insurance claims. In the Chatsworth and Verulam areas, for example, arson scams used to be rife until the two bodies started working together. Since then the numbers have dropped.

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  • False and exaggerated claims on the rise
  • Police force and insurance companies working together to combat false claims

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