3 August 2011

Mutual & Federal Namibia MD Retires

MD for Mutual & Federal Namibia has retired
MD for Mutual & Federal Namibia has retired
Gersom Katjimune retires after 10 years on the job.

After leading Mutual & Federal's Namibian branch for ten years, Gersom Katjimune has announced his departure as Managing Director. ?The newly retired MD has been hugely instrumental in the expansion of the company in Namibia, increasing its turnover from Namibian $75 million to $300 million, and making it one of the most powerful short term insurance providers in the Southern African state.

Speaking about his time at the company, a decade at the helm and another two years prior, Katjimune said: "I have really enjoyed my time at Mutual & Federal Namibia.? It has given me many opportunities and challenges and I feel privileged to have played a role in an organisation which is looked up to by the rest of the insurance industry.

Katjimune said that he has worked with some very talented and committed individuals during his time at the company.? He said that he was also lucky enough to have the confidence and assistance of the Exco in South Africa, which helped him achieve many things through the years.

Recalling his proudest moment, Katjimune spoke about the group's acquisition of Fedsure General Insurance when he first took over in 2001.

"We managed to do the impossible by successfully merging two large companies, getting everyone on board with the new organisation and not having to retrench anyone," he said.

Going Forward

Katjimune said that he had the greatest confidence in the Mutual & Federal team in Namibia.

"Mutual & Federal Namibia is a solid brand, one that is secure yet dynamic," he said. "It has the trust of brokers and is known for its client service, professionalism, its high solvency margin and the maintenance of its underwriting standards."

He added that the group is a "company to be reckoned with" and he looked forward to watching from the sidelines as it continues to lead the way in the short term insurance industry.

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  • Katjimune's proudest moment was the successful merger with Fedsure.
  • Mutual & Federal Namibia is a solid brand, says outgoing MD.

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