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MiWay is a vibrant modern insurance company that proved itself as a worthwhile new addition to the short-term insurance market in South Africa. It follows the direct insurance model, and has achieved a good measure of success with this, the most popular way of organising insurance.

Miway Website
Miway Website
On the Miway website you can get a quote, learn more about their products and submit a compliment or complaint

It has a sound financial foundation, with 3 of South Africa`s biggest and most stable financial service providers as shareholders. These are PSG, Santam and Sanlam. These blue-chip listed companies, all listed on the stock exchange, provide the peace of mind that your insurance is secured by reputable companies that have been around for a long time in the industry. It is underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company.

Miway has 4 cornerstones to its operations and success. Firstly, it emphasises convenience - you have full online access to your insurance portfolio, backed up by a hi-tech call centre.

Secondly, you earn regular rewards - known as MiRewards. Unusually, you earn these whether you claim or not. This is a groundbreaking idea that has been very successful. Because insurance is all about risk, the company recognises that just because you have had an accident it doesn`t mean you pose a higher risk - after all, the accident may not have been your fault. Consequently, your claims are evaluated in this way when if comes to rewards. You get refunds on your premiums if you emerge as having a lower-risk profile.

Thirdly, duplication of administration, time and effort is avoided. Once you have provided your profile information, you won`t have to do so again when taking up additional product offers.

Lastly, the company takes transparency and simplicity very seriously. The whole company operates this way, and there`s even a lively public forum for complaints that company agents contribute to. It`s right there for you to see uncensored feedback on the company website. Huge kudos to them for that.

There are 3 types of products provided: motor insurance, home insurance and personal liability cover. Within these there are additional options. With the motor insurance policy there are car hire and car value protector add-ons, and complementary services: finance protection, warranty protection and liability protection. With home insurance there is extended cover, cover for articles you carry with you, and insurance for permanent fixtures. Full product details are below?


  • Motor insurance
    Private and business use insurance, including caravans, motorcycles, trailers and light delivery vehicles. Also available are: sound equipment and accessory insurance; car hire add-on; MiValue Protector that pays you our sufficiently to cover a deposit on a new car if yours is hijacked or irreparably damaged; MiCredit Shortfall to prevent insurance payout shortfall; extended personal liability insurance; and MiWatercraft insurance.

    Complementary cover options are: MiWarranty - covers cars that are not covered by a motor plan; MiFinance Protector - covers your outstanding vehicle payments should you die; MiPersonal Liability - covers you for legal costs due to accidents that you have caused.

  • Home insurance
    There are a few different products here:
    MiHome Stuff - covers all your possessions in your home.
    - comes with extended theft cover and extended personal liability cover as extra options.
    MiPlace - covers your permanent structures and fittings (you can also get extended theft and extended personal liability cover for this)
    MiMovables - to insure items of value that you carry with you outside of your home.


The company conforms to the BEE requirements of its shareholders. Details of community service initiatives are not yet available.


Contact Call Centre: 0860 64 64 00
Fax: +27 (11) 990 0001

Postal Address:
PostNet Suite #382
Private Bag X121
Halfway House

Head Office Address:
338 16th Road


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Miway Story Highlights »
  • Client-centred with simple, effective and easy-to-use procedures
  • Modern and innovative insurance company giving good value for money
  • Rewards for low-risk profiles - whether you claim or not

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