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Life Insurance Guide

Life insurance (or more accurately, life "assurance") is an important thing to think about, even if one would prefer not to consider one's own demise. But it's one of those realities of life that we need to think about in order to ensure that our families and loved ones are looked after should something happen to us.

Insurance Junction has therefore put together this comprehensive guide on the topic of life insurance, so that you can have all the basic information you need in one place. We explain why you need it, the different types of insurance that are bundled under the term of life insurance, and give you some advice on how to save on your life insurance without compromising your cover. Remember that we also review the various life insurers and their packages in our reviews section, to help you make the best choices.

Our life insurance guide covers the following topics. To access the guide use the links on the right.

  • Why Life Insurance?
  • The Different Kinds of Life Insurance
  • Dread Disease Cover
  • What is Whole of Life Insurance?
  • How Life Insurance Premiums Work
  • Unusual Risks
  • Saving on your Life Insurance


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