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Why Life Insurance

The old adage goes that the only things that are certain are death and taxes. Given this inescapable reality, it's important that you make sufficient provision for your loved ones should you die unexpectedly. It will be hard enough for them to successfully deal with your demise, without also being left unable to pay bills, or to maintain the lifestyles that you all lived while you were alive - let alone being left destitute.

This is the major reason for life insurance. It allows you to take out an insurance policy that will become payable on your death to those you have nominated as the recipients. This payment can be in the form of a lump sum, or in the form or regular payments.

Here are some concrete examples of the kinds of things that a life insurance policy can help your family with:

  • House bond repayments - your insurance payout can help to ensure that your family can continue to afford to live in the family home.
  • Compensating for the loss of your salary or other income - to put it bluntly, losing you also means losing the money you earn that has been helping to support your family. Insurance will minimise or eliminate this loss of income.
  • Providing for education expenses - you would certainly still want your children to receive a decent education in your absence, so insurance can make provision for these expenses and ensure that their education does not suffer.
  • Lifestyle maintenance - as a family you'll have put in a lot of effort to gain your current lifestyle - life insurance will help your family to maintain this and not have to compromise on a decent lifestyle.
  • Debt repayment - most of us live our lives with some forms of debt, and the last thing you want is for your family to be burdened with debts that they cannot pay. Life insurance can cater for these repayments.

There are clearly plenty of solid reasons for making sure that you have sufficient life insurance. It's equally important that you take out an appropriate and reliable life insurance policy that will in practice provide the necessary financial security that your family will need.

Finding the right insurance policy is therefore crucial. It's quite easy to take out a very expensive and lavish insurance policy, but you also don't want to overburden yourself with premium payments while you're alive. So you need to find the balance between full cover and affordability. You need to get the best insurance possible and the best cost. Like with most things, it's value for money that you're after.

The rest of the information in this guide will give you pointers in the right direction, and our life insurance reviews will give you in-depth information on the actual options available from the various insurance providers.


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