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Saving on your Life Insurance

The biggest recent advance in terms of reducing life insurance costs is the advent of direct insurance. This allows you to go directly to the insurance company, usually via a call centre or the company's website, in order to quickly, efficiently and most importantly, more cheaply get life insurance.

It means that you no longer have to go through an insurance broker, and on the company side, it means that there isn't a network of brokers to maintain, administrate and finance. The costs that this saves are passed on to you in the form of slightly lower premiums.

You simply call up the insurer's call centre, or fill in an online quotation form, and your insurance policy is set up for you. Company advisers are generally well-trained to advise you on the ins and outs.

However, given the long-term importance of this type of insurance, you may still be well served by engaging an expert broker that you can trust to help you find the best insurance policy for your family's needs, and to get the best value for money at the same time.

With so many options available it's always a good idea to really do your homework, and look at the details of the various policies that are available to you - as well as the add-on options.

Our review section has a comprehensive listing of all the life insurance companies and the life insurance products and packages they offer, so that you can do your research in one place. This can help you to prepare yourself with the knowledge you'll need to make the best decision. We link you straight through to the websites of the insurers, so that you can read more, and use their online quotation services. We also provide you with the contact detail of the companies so that you can contact them directly to find out more.


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